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The Aftermath

Update, 6:11 pm: McShane sent out an email advising students “to continue to use caution and monitor information sources.” And good building-integrity news: “Facilities has checked all buildings on the Morningside campus and has determined that there are no significant problems.” Most importantly, CC and SEAS ’15 move-in is on for tomorrow! Full email after the jump.

Photo by Dan Weinstein

Irene’s gust knocked down a few tree branches, but the campus remains intact. Grab your galoshes to navigate the puddles.

At least Lerner was well-prepared:

VP of Public Safety James McShane updated the community earlier today, reporting that the campus is in “good shape with only minor leaks and damage in a few buildings.” In the end, we’ve probably seen similar things before.

Update, 1:40 pm: Chris Mulligan sent in this photo of the 1 train, still slumbering near 122nd St.

If you have reports or photos of the effects of Hurricane Irene, send them along to!

Dear Columbia Community,

As weather conditions outside improve following Hurricane Irene, we encourage students, staff and faculty to continue to use caution and monitor information sources. Facilities has checked all buildings on the Morningside campus and has determined that there are no significant problems.

As a result, the Emergency Operations Center at Lerner Hall is now closed. Essential facilities personnel continue to be available to assist with campus and building services. For issues with University buildings and housing, please call the Facilities Service Center at 212-854-2222. To report an emergency on campus, call Public Safety at 212-854-5555.

The University will be open on Monday, August 29, and personnel are expected to report to work. We recognize that travel conditions remain unpredictable for tomorrow. We are closely monitoring the operations of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which will remain closed overnight. We will continue to post updates on as more information is known.

If you are delayed in your morning commute, please communicate directly with your supervisor.

Undergraduate housing move-in plans for Columbia College and Columbia Engineering will proceed Monday. Please check the Student Affairs page for updates:

Additionally, all students should check their individual school websites for other important updates.

Again, as the situation changes, we will continue to update the Columbia homepage, The Columbia University Medical Center homepage,, will also be updated. Alternatively, you may call 212-854-1754 for the Morningside campus or 212-305-7300 for the Medical Center.


James F. McShane

Vice President

Columbia University Public Safety

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  • For Anonymous says:

    @For Anonymous Ur family can pay through insurance, I do not have that luxury…..

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous You spend $160 on food you don’t need. My family needs to spend over $10000 on repairs to our home. So sorry you were inconvenienced.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Bingo!! Guys u nailed it, she does go to Barnard. This is the 5th time I ditched meeting her parents…..previous 4 were my fault :). I decided to go this time but mother nature did not agree. Time to dump her? before she dumps me:)

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous yeah dan!

  • CC '11 (nostalgic for bwog) says:

    @CC '11 (nostalgic for bwog) …campus always looks like that when it rains. Except the fountains aren’t green

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Cafe du Soleil and Cascabel Taqueria (on Bway and 108) is open, but Mel’s is opening at 4.

  • Cartman says:

    @Cartman Had planned to meet my girlfriend’s parents today but canceled it due to this storm. And now cant meet them for 4 months (schedule conflict). Just worried what if she leaves me?
    Dear Irene,
    Can you inform me in advance about your intensity, the next time you decide to FUCK me!!

    1. ? says:

      @? Your girlfriend is going to leave you because you couldn’t meet her parents due to a hurricane?

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Soooo confused… are you worried that she’ll leave you and you’ll never get to meet her parents? Because believe me… you’re probably not missing out on much. Other than awkward dinner conversations and trying to be charming. On the other hand, if you’re afraid she’ll leave you because the hurricane interrupted your plans… you should probably find a new girlfriend anyway. :P

      1. since this is very says:

        @since this is very irrational, i assume she goes to barnard

        1. Cartman says:

          @Cartman Bingo!! Guys u nailed it, she does go to Barnard. This is the 5th time I ditched meeting her parents…..previous 4 were my fault :). I decided to go this time but mother nature did not agree. Time to dump her? before she dumps me:)

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous Maybe she’ll decide to dump you because you use idiotic smiley faces :)

  • Disappointed..... says:

    @Disappointed..... WTF was that, just strong winds and some rain called Hurricane. Spent $160.34 to store food, water and booz. Anyone wants to join me for a group meal is welcome…. I am in Wein.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous $160 is some serious over reaction. It was 3 gallons of water per person, not 300…

    2. Me too! says:

      @Me too! Such a big waste of time and money. I spent over 900 dollars between my emergency kit from Brookstone and stocking up on organic vegetables and free-range, never-frozen chicken dinners, not to mention my 5 gallons of Fiji water

    3. Wiener says:

      @Wiener You are in Wien. I wouldn’t be crying about the overspending. Your current living situation will give you enough grief.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It is always good to be over reacting.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous when is bwog weather back?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Nah I’m good

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous anybody know what’s open in the neighborhood?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous check spectrum!

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Gee, thanks Spec! Now I can go back to reading the manual to my electric kettle–oh, wait

      2. dunt b so desp, br0 says:

        @dunt b so desp, br0 Translation: “REED US PLEEEEZE”

        1. bwog's says:

          @bwog's updates has really sucked. MoWill/Westside open according to spec.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Milano! And Westside.

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Apple Tree Deli on Amsterdam is open.

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