Sip Slushies at Hillel FOR FREE

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It’s the inaugural free food post! On this sweltering day, the good people at Hillel invite you to beat the heat, and join them for slushies in the gorgeous Kraft Center on 115th St. between Broadway and Riverside from 1-3pm. Free food neophytes, you can almost survive a whole week at Columbia never paying for provisions. We aim to help you cultivate this fine art of mooching.

Pro-tip: you don’t have be part of an organization to enjoy its gifts. Indeed, thirsty goyim can still enjoy scrumptious slurries. Bwog bestows bonus points to those who snagged a nifty slushie cup at the JelLO table earlier this week.

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    they're selling awesome shirts that say Columbia and Barnard in hebrew

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    totally random but I LOVE GLEE. anyone else excited for this season?

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