Comment Contest: Dean Valentini Needs A Nickname

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It’s official: Columbia College has a new Dean, James Valentini. What possibilities! We’ve got PrezBo, KevSho/Ke$ho, and DSpar, and now it’s time to name our dear new Dean. Leave your suggestions in the comments. The winner gets a Milano sandwich, a hug and eternal glory. Let the hazing begin…

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  1. Anonymous

    Jamie Valentino
    Jimmy valentine

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Anonymous

    Java.... of course

  4. J-Tini  

    Shaken, not stirred.

  5. Anonymous  

    Deantini is the name!

  6. Anonymous  


  7. Valentini, James J.  


  8. Team Deantini

    Deantini is perfect.

  9. CC14  

    DeeVa, obviously. Pronounced diva.

  10. Anonymous

    Va-gina pronounced va-ja-ena.

  11. Spec  

    Bwog...are you guys really bribing readers for comments with Milano sandwiches?

    • Anonymous  

      i think that's a joke, bud. these comments are anonymous, so it wouldn't work anyway.

      maybe spec ought to start bribing their readers for comments, because it's looking kinda bleak over there.

  12. I agree with  


  13. Me  

    J-Vall (like JWoww)
    Dean Tini is cool too

  14. Anonymous  

    Apple Deantini. Mmmmm.

    ...I may be an alcoholic.

  15. ryan  

    Eensy Weensy Tini Deani

  16. Anonymous  

    Valendini (like deany)

  17. Anonymous

    Java the Hutt!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    (pronounced as 'genie'. new television program: \I Dream of Jini\.)

  19. anonymous  

    What about Jalentini? Or Valendeani?

  20. Anonymous  

    im the guy who came up with deantini, can i get a free sandwich?

  21. Anonymous  

    (you can track me)

  22. Anonymous  

    Tini, pronounced "teeny".

  23. Anonymous

    Yes, this really is the Dean posting. I think a Milano sandwich is way too small a prize for the winner of a contest as personally important to me as this one. So, I am adding to the prize. The winner--however decided and identified--gets to have that Milano sandwich at lunch with the Dean, and gets to have his/her picture taken with the Dean holding a brass name plate engraved with the winning suggestion. Said name plate will then reside on the Dean's desk; said picture will be given to Bwog for posting.

    However, the hug has to come from someone else.



    • oh yea and...

      one last thing. Before winning suggestion gets plated on brass name plate, it will be hidden somewhere around campus inside a magical treasure chest. The key to this magical treasure chest will be awarded by defeating a thousand year old wicked witch. You will need a magic carpet to get to the castle, and don't forget to bring a white puppy to sacrifice to the small but wise wizard, who will give you information on where to find the carpet. The puppy has a brown spot on its belly and it belongs to prezbo.
      Deal or no deal?

    • Anonymous  

      Cool! However, could we instead have dinner? My favorite sandwich is the meatball parm, and it's only offered during the night. If you haven't yet had it, I'll introduce you to it, it's ridiculously great

  24. Anonymous  

    i like jalentini

  25. temp-dean

    doesnt really matter what is name is - his whole being is just the "temp dean"

  26. Anonymous


    or DJini!!!

  27. Jersey Shore Betch!

    Jimmy V

  28. Anonymous  

    Emperor Valentinian

  29. Anonymous  

    test this is a test

  30. Anonymous

    test this is a testasd

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