Because You Kinda Care: Columbia Holds Strong at #4

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We’re ashamed that we logged on at midnight to check this, but we did. USNews & World Report still ranks Columbia at #4 for the second year in a row behind HYP.

PS It’s real this time.

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  1. Anonymous

    and princeton moves up to number 1...bullshit. and there's 5 schools now ranked 5. more bullshit.

    also why is columbia's acceptance rate listed as 10% and harvard and stanford's 7% in the ranking data?

  2. specialmonkey

  3. Anonymous  

    A five-way tie for #5? Hahahahahahahaha

  4. referring to previous preemptive post  

    I'm glad stanford can still suck it.

  5. hmmmm

    "Columbia University has three undergraduate schools: Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and the School of General Studies. "

  6. Oh hay Stanford  

    What's up?

    btdubs. We should crash their blog: and inform them of what they have yet to inform their readers about.

  7. Anonymous

    They use 2010 data, a year and a half old. Columbia should be ranked ahead of Princeton and Yale. Princeton's admit rate actually Increased this year. Columbia's applications, stats, SAT scores are now much higher than Princetons.

  8. Finally!

    U of C gets its due! Our only real peer institution comes in at #5.

  9. Is that  

    Mark Hay in that photo?

  10. Anonymous  

    Except have a larger applicant pool is a sign of higher prestige.

  11. stanford  

    the main reason stanford is ranked low (e.g. below columbia) is because the methodology considers 4 year graduation rates -- and a significant percentage of stanford students (~20%) stay for a 5th year to get a master's degree, and get both degrees at the same time after 5 years.

    Just one reason why the rankings, especially at the top, are meaningless. Or about as meaningful as people's opinions about the "prestige" of schools - i think most people would consider stanford to be a better school than columbia (for example, the high school counselor scores compiled by USNews). But do you care? i hope not.

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