A New Underground Society

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  1. chance me

    yo, chance me for goldman sachs investment banking position. here's my resume:

    Columbia University Engineering, 2012 (Expected)
    B.S., Operations Research - Financial Engineering
    GPA: 3.69, Dean's List


    Columbia Teenage Mutant Ninja Club, 2011
    Vice President

    Lerner Hall, Columbia Univ. , 2010
    Mail Sorter

  2. Anonymous  

    Can I just say that the new lady who works at JJ's Place is absolutely adorable/amazing. Such a sweet lady.

  3. Anonymous  

    her name is Grace and weekends without Wilma aren't so sad anymore, she is indeed lovely

  4. alum

    thought this post was about another "secret" society... are those still around?

  5. Anonymous  

    What the shell?

  6. wannabe

    I tried to inquire by sliding my fingers as deep as I could, no one responded. Everyone must've been on a mission or something ...

  7. Anonymous

    Cow a Bungger to all the urophages imbibing the local tap water out of hope of becoming ninjas!

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