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A New Underground Society

Forget career fairs—TMNT is recruiting on campus. Everybody’s going green nowadays, so why not join in the fun? This sign spotted near the flagpole at the top of the steps tells you to “inquire within,” but provide a email address for the less reptilian folk out there.

Don't be surprised if you see new regulars at Koronet soon

Their disclaimer reads:

If you lack the ability to enter this drain, you would only make the annual limbo competition awkward and therefore are not wanted.

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  • chance me says:

    @chance me yo, chance me for goldman sachs investment banking position. here’s my resume:

    Columbia University Engineering, 2012 (Expected)
    B.S., Operations Research – Financial Engineering
    GPA: 3.69, Dean’s List


    Columbia Teenage Mutant Ninja Club, 2011
    Vice President

    Lerner Hall, Columbia Univ. , 2010
    Mail Sorter

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous i lol’d

      1. Yo says:

        @Yo Rite Aide has a sale on Reese’s pieces cups and all sorts of fun sized candy. I can eat like a hundred of them.

    2. aha says:

      @aha Sounds like a potential resume for Spiderman.

    3. ColumbiaTMNT says:

      @ColumbiaTMNT Hello,

      If you would like to apply for vice presidency, the position has yet to be filled. However in honor of tradition, you would have to be vice-master and you would work directly under master splinter (seas 12). Hope to see you UNDER the sundial at 9pm on monday!


  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Can I just say that the new lady who works at JJ’s Place is absolutely adorable/amazing. Such a sweet lady.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous her name is Grace and weekends without Wilma aren’t so sad anymore, she is indeed lovely

  • alum says:

    @alum thought this post was about another “secret” society… are those still around?

    1. ^ says:

      @^ just Sachems and Nacoms for rich people.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous What the shell?

  • wannabe says:

    @wannabe I tried to inquire by sliding my fingers as deep as I could, no one responded. Everyone must’ve been on a mission or something …

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Cow a Bungger to all the urophages imbibing the local tap water out of hope of becoming ninjas!

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