Animal House, Tamed

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Admit it. You’re a little jealous of those elusive few with summer transfer housing who now get to shack up in one of the frat-houses-cum-dormitories on 114th. Check out their new digs, sans sticky floors (we hope)—the former Psi U house, pictured below.

Update: The building formerly known as Pike is available for your visual inspection in the gallery below (first 4 pictures).


Photos courtesy Evelyn Warner

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  1. :)

    frat-houses-cum-dormitories sans sticky floors is contradictory.

  2. Anonymous

    It's kind of a shame they managed to make a great old brownstone look so sterile.

  3. Psi U Alum

    No soul... what a sad sad sight...

  4. they look...

    way better. Lets keep it this way and never let the frats back.

  5. Anonymous  

    this is depressing.

  6. Twitch

    more students were able to see and using these houses as frat houses than ever will be as sterile, guarded dorms

  7. Anonymous  

    HOW DO WE GET????

  8. Anonymous

    LOL @ that guy pretending to be reading in the second frame.

  9. Anonymous

    so much anger and bitter jealousy

  10. Anonymous  

    Throw parties there!!!!!!!!

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