CCSC: Small Steps Edition

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Eager young'uns

CCSC was not quite as eager to participate as these little tykes

CCSC met for the second time of the year. Sarah Ngu and Maren Killackey break down all the action.

Big Hits

Littler Bits

  • CCSC has a schnazzy website designed by Wilfred Chan: It’s a big improvement from their old one, and worth checking out, if only for the awkward camera angles in their introductory videos.
  • During the policy meeting, Ryan Cho, VP—Policy, asked for volunteers to take on the swipe-access issue, but no one responded. It was awkward.
  • When Cho polled the committee for any new initiatives to take on for the year, the only idea brought up was more laundry machines in McBain. Apparently everything else at Columbia is great all the time always.

On the Horizon

Youthful vigor via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. if they want to cut down on expenses  

    how about they hold their retreat in SGO rather than some remote lodge that they (we) have to pay for (in addition to transportation, food, etc)?

  2. Where you there?  

    Ryan listed out a whole bunch of CCSC inititatives and several people suggested others. You should make sure you have the minutes sent to you in case you miss something BC we were in that room for almost an hour and we were definitely talking about more than laundry machines

    • Sarah  

      From what I recall, there were no brand new ideas, other than the ones that Ryan proposed, except for the bit about laundry machines. There were some comments tagged to Ryan's proposals about final grade/textbook deadlines. The exceptions are the reps: Mendes did bring up something involving U. Writing that he was looking to pursue and Habbu talked about CPS/Fin Aid. Most of the discussion was about issues that Ryan/e-board came up with.

      • Anonymous  

        That was because the first meeting focused on new issues we'd like to tackle this year. The meeting from this past Sunday (and obviously the only meeting you care to mention) had a schedule of what to talk about and those were a combination of continuing policies and new policy ideas we had discussed. If you're going to attempt to be a journalist, at least provide an accurate view as opposed to some view you hope will garner you some journalistic credibility at this school.

        • sarah  

          Fair enough. Two Sundays ago, someone did bring up investigating the junior regroup process since he went through it and didn't fare well. That idea was duly noted here:

          The bigger point is that most of the issues that the committee, with the exception of a few, is pursuing have been proposed by the VP of Policy. People, aside from Habbu, are not climbing over each other to propose their latest ideas to stimulate change at Columbia -- yet. But there is more of the year to come.

          Oh, and we should meet in person. I'll see you at the next meeting, if you care to introduce yourself.

        • sarah  

          Actually, it was Ryan who brought up the junior regroup process -- other people chimed in to add onto it. Name a new issue that was brought up (aside from Habbu's and Mendes') by someone in the committee other than Cho.

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