Protesters Hold Vigil After Execution of Troy Davis

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The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the execution of Troy Davis prompted a gathering at the Van Am Quad on Thursday night. Earlier in the day, students had held smaller demonstrations around College Walk. The vigil was organized with the help of Columbia’s Black Students Organization, Amnesty International,¬†College Democrats and the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization.

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  1. do these people realize

    he was convicted in two shootings with the same gun? Physical evidence and witnesses tied him to both shootings and he was convicted (by a jury with 7 black people on it) of both. Stop making him out to be a martyr.

    • Precisely  

      It's one thing to be against the death penalty (which I am--it's more expensive than life imprisonment, and not as fitting a punishment for such crimes), but Davis' "innocence" is very questionable, and his case received extensive judicial review.

    • Anon  

      The issue isn't whether he was guilty or not. The issue is he was executed when no one could establish beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. Lock him up but he absolutely should not have been executed.

    • Anonymous  

      The testimonies changed significantly since his original conviction. There was no weapon found. Nobody is calling him a martyr. The whole case is just a story about how our justice system can fail. He wasn't guilty beyond reasonable doubt. There was plenty of doubt

  2. That's inconsistent  

    The jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. And the SC review it.

    But beyond that: "Lock him up be he absolutely should not have been executed."

    Was he guilty or not? If he was, whatever punishment, whether death or imprisonment, should have been applied. If innocent, he should have walked.

    It's not a question of prison/death. It's freedom/death.

  3. so uh....

    just wondering: are most of the girls who go to this thing kind? like, do most of these girls have kind hearts and shit? cause im looking for girls who happen to be girlfriend material and empathy is one of them. just wondering. i dont know much about troy davis nor do i know if he was guilty or not but are most of the girls who showed up to this thing considered "nice"? or merely bored or what? opinions?

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm continually and rather shockingly forced to question whether the students I go to school with, the chosen 10/9/8%, are in fact, human. This frightens me.

    The cold logic, the inability to make decisions except with (explicit!) reference to their own "utility function", the looking for date material at a vigil for a man put to death. Who are you people?

    I don't care if you're trolling, I'm still scared.

    • Anonymous  

      blah blah blah, i'm sure you could say the same thing about any student body, anywhere. stop picking out random internet blog comments and positing it as the rule for a large group of people.

  5. Anonymous  

    It's interesting to compare people's reactions to this to the Casey Anthony case...

    • Anonymous  

      Casey Anthony: so hot
      Troy Davis: like, whatever

    • Anon  

      Casey Anthony was let of scott free for a crime she had a chance of doing. Troy Davis was killed under the same ambiguity.

      • Anonymous  

        "let of"


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