Spotted: The Gyllenhaals

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Superior genetic pooling

First SJP, then Rob Lowe, and now the Gyllenhaals. Multiple tipsters spotted a scruffier than usual Jake, and his ever-chic sis, Maggie, roaming around campus earlier today. Fun fact: Mags graduated CC in ’98, and Jake dropped out a few years later. Come back to us, Jake!







 Pretty People via Movie Conversations

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  1. Anon

    And by "superior genetic pooling," you mean blonde hair, blue eyes.. which implies that people without those traits are of an inferior strain..

    Way to go Bwog.

  2. Odd Observational Skills

    Does it look like either of them has blonde hair?

  3. Anonymous

    it means they are attractive

  4. Anonymous  

    Maggie Gylenhaal is sooo HOTTT!!!! people say that she is not hot. and these people a) are stupid and b) would not know what to do with themselves if someone as hot as Maggie Gylenhaal talked to them in a bar.

  5. True story:  

    I helped Jake Gyllenhaal at the Butler Reserves desk back in 2000 or so (after October Sky but before Donnie Darko). We all thought he was an Ethan Hawke wannabe until we recognized his name on his ID.

    -- Karen the Librarian

  6. Anonymous  

    Why do you have a photo of Jude Law in a post about Jake Gyllenhaal?

  7. Anonymous  

    maggie is a stone cold fox

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