Fight Your Hunger and the Patriarchy

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A closely related, but different, mystique

Feminist Mystique, Columbia’s soon-to-be-launched feminist magazine, is holding their first meeting tonight in Hamilton 413 at 8:30 pm. Why should you care? First, because all people deserve equality, and a system that enforces rigid gender roles and treats men and women unequally hurts both women and men. But also because there will be free milk and cookies at the meeting.

You should also check them out if you like puns, because Columbia feminists are quite witty. The theme of the inaugural issue of the magazine is, “A woman’s place is in the House, Senate, and Oval Office.” Another newly formed, and slightly more radical, Columbia feminist group took the name “Radical CUNTS“—Columbia Undergraduates Not Tolerating Sexism. Their first meeting is Friday at 6:00 pm in the Malcolm X Lounge, and they’ll also have free food.

Update: More free food tonight! The Culinary Society (yeah, that one—you know it’s gonna be good) is serving heaps of free food at their “childhood favorites” event tonight in the Satow Room at 9:30 pm. They’ll have smoked mac ‘n cheese with various toppings, cranberry pizza, milk ‘n cookies, dinosaur cupcakes, and a “gourmet PB&J bar” (!)

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  1. PPA


  2. did anyone else interpret that  

    as a pun on "ovum" rather than "house"? No? Just me? Oh, okay.

  3. hey  

    "a woman's place is in the house" -- Bella Abzug's congressional campaign slogan CITE YA SOURCES PLEEZ

  4. T-O  

    Isn't the latter group's name sexist?

  5. curious

    are there any men in either group?

  6. Anonymous  

    For fuck's sake, Bwog, you have to give me more than 1 hour's advance notice of free food.

  7. BTW  

    Whatever happened to C-Spot?

  8. Ovum:Oval::Eggs:X  

    I'm trying to force a Malcolm Eggs pun, by any means necessary.

  9. to clarify  

    the name listed on their facebook event is *College* Undergraduates Not Tolerating Sexism

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