Students for Justice in Palestine Should Probably Just Change Their Name Now

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Two weeks ago, SJP—that is, Sarah Jessica Parker, not the student group—was purportedly prowling the Barnard grounds. Rumors circulated that she had enrolled her small child in Barnard’s daycare program. Thanks to paparazza-in-training Danielle Arje, we can confirm this to be true. And now we’ll leave her alone! And hope for a third¬†celeb derriere sighting.


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  1. Anonymous

    Omg she's so much shorter in real life. I like her bike.

  2. Anonymous

    There was a time when Serb, Jewish, Armenian and Greek students felt comfortable at Columbia, but then a nazi quota monger like Bollinger starts inviting Atifete Jahjaga, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and other terrorists reducing the campus to a banana republic.

  3. Anonymous  

    Her purse is bigger than she is

  4. Anonymous  

    Who cares about this horseface?

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