Overheard: Feel the Burn

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You'll have no problem carbo-loading after this

Two friends stretching on the Dodge mats:

Girl: “Oh, I totally smoked a j before I came here. You can really feel the burn, but not in a bad way, I’m more detached.”

Guy: “Oh, uhuh”

Girl [dancing]: “And I’ve been listening to Foster the People for an hour.”

Performance enhancing? drug via wikimedia.

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  1. Ew

    Foster the People?

  2. Scold

    Enjoy your memory loss.

  3. dude  

    working out stoned can be fun, but it can also make you uncoordinated and totally more awkward about using machinery/kicking people off your machines in dodge.

  4. Stanley Cavell  

    Awww yeah.

  5. Anonymous

    smoking after > before
    makes protein go down easier too, if you're into that

  6. damn  

    That j looks yummy for a thursday night

  7. Anonymous

    u smoked a tampon?


    After seeing Foster the People live, I can never hear their music again. They are so incredibly awful, and not even awful in an ironic-hipster sorta way...awful like a Mariah Carey movie marathon

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