Dearest Friends,

Exactly the types you'd expect to meet in a crypt.

The Editors

Here we find ourselves—back in school. Reading Bwog in our lecture classes (possibly in your seminar if you are a particularly naughty minx).
For students both new and old, we’re beat. Already, we are defeated. We need to step back, be amongst friends, and take a moment or two to get some perspective on this crazy institution that has stolen our lives.
And what better place to gain perspective and escape the craziness than at a meeting for The Blue & White magazine? Take some time out of this soul-crushing return. Pitch a few story ideas, talk about the major issues (and minor) at Columbia, parse and pick at the scabs on your academic life in the fine company of your fine peers. Oh, and yes, there will of course be snacky snacks.
We hope to see you soon—9 pm in the crypt of St. Paul’s Chapel. Remember: perspective, abstraction, self-reflection, serious, serious thoughts about this place that consumes our lives.

Warmly and Fuzzily,
The Editors