Bwog always tries to get in shape and pay attention to sports, but Milano is just too convenient and our beds are suuuper comfy. Nevertheless, we’ve gathered up some motivation and have attempted to combine these endeavors with our new athletic feature, BwogBuns. Today, fitness guru Raphaelle Debenedetti explains how to participate in a pick-up game. 

Play enough sports, and you can turn green and diesel like this statue!

Keeping in shape is not so easy at Columbia. Intramural sports are way too time-consuming, and PE classes take attendance. Here’s one flexible alternative: pick-up games. Every week the reception desk in Dodge updates the building’s schedule with different times for pick-up basketball and soccer games. Nightly basketball games are the norm, while soccer is available maybe two times a week.

If you are too lazy to go to Dodge or simply want to check on the go, there is a technological solution. Check out Sportaneous online or download the smartphone app.

Go ahead and try this out and meet new people while you jumpstart that metabolism. Meanwhile, Bwog will be sipping coffee and nibbling on brie over at Hungarian.

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