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Bwoglines: Capitalism and its Discontents Edition

The man is going to be so pissed when he reads this.

According to the latest report by the Census Bureau, one in five New York City residents are now living below the poverty line, five percentage points above the 15.1% national average. New York City also holds the biggest income gap of any county in the country, with the top fifth of earners making 38 times as much as the bottom fifth. (NYTimes)

Aptly, the protest against corporate greed on Wall Street rages on despite four arrests yesterday. Internet vigilantes Anonymous vows to avenge recent violence against protestors. (Gothamist, IBTimes)

On the more petty end of the corporate grievances spectrum sit the outraged One Million Moms, who recently struck up a boycott against Ben & Jerry’s for their limited edition “Shweddy Balls” flavored ice-cream. Will the people at Ben & Jerry’s stop at nothing to make a quick buck!? (Slate)

But for five Columbia alums the dream lives on. A quintet of former Furnald roomies are among the founders of Slantshack Jerky, a successful venture peddling grass-fed, free-range, organic, hugged, kissed-every-night-before-bed beef jerky. (WSJ)

Inflammatory scrawl via wikimedia. 


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