Reflect on the lessons you learned in your Art Hum, Lit Hum, CC and Frontiers classes today. Everything is relevant!

They give miniature versions of these out at commencement

The logic in these Filipino women’s attempts to bring peace sounds all too familiar. (Gawker)

Perhaps you might suggest a tour through Riverside Park’s underground Freight Train tunnel as a potential Art Hum field trip. (NYT)

Aristotle and Plato come to life as this school principal tries to figure out the best way to impart virtue to his students. (NYT Mag)

This week European astronomers announced the discovery of 50 new planets outside our solar system, including 16 planets with Earth-like possibilities, bringing the total number of exoplanets up to 600. Hey… you know what an exoplanet is! (Press Democrat)

Complement your many pilgrimages to Hamilton Hall, home of the core, with a visit to Alexander Hamilton’s vacation home, newly restored on 141st St. (Spec)

Obvious metaphor via Wikimedia Commons