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Bwoglines: Hidden Danger? Edition

Impending doom?

Definitely Not

A couple with poor timing reportedly attempted to enter the mile high club on 9/11. The couple’s prolonged absence from their seats prompted an emergency landing and arrest by a team of SWAT officers. (Gothamist)

According to a riveting profile on a turnstyle-jumping youth, shirking your subway fee is the first step towards a life of “flip-floppy” moral depravity. You’ve been warned. (NYDailyNews)

If you watched the CNN Tea Party Republican Debate last night, you found out that requiring HPV vaccination is a form of “crony capitalism.” (2012 Election Central, LATimes)


A bill sponsored by more than half the members of the House would make state-issued gun permits valid across state lines, effectively allowing those with concealed handgun permits from states with more lax requirements to stroll about Manhattan, where applications for most concealed handgun permits are rejected. (Bloomberg)

You Decide

Brand ambassadors. They’re here. Among us. Selling things sorta subtly. (NYTimes)

On a more serious note.

Columbia’s Black Alumni Council released a statement about the resignation of Dean Moody-Adams, posted below.

We, the Black Alumni Council, thank Dean Moody-Adams for her dedicated service to the College as Dean and Vice President for Undergraduate Education.

Columbia’s black community is particularly gratified that Dean Moody-Adams filled her historic role as the first minority and first female Dean of the College with such aplomb, grace, and dedication. Dean Moody-Adams set a very high standard for professionalism, scholarship, and composure under challenging circumstances.

The Black Alumni Council wants Dean Moody-Adams’s brief tenure to be remembered with dignity for her accomplishments, dedication and sacrifice. As she steps into an equally prominent role among a small, but significant, group of female faculty and faculty of color, we wish her well.

Black Alumni Council (BAC)
Columbia University

Snail via wikimedia

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  • Can't believe says:

    @Can't believe UNC’s vice chancellor, Winston Crisp, has a twitter called @vicecrispy.

  • ARSTNEIO says:

    @ARSTNEIO A thousand times yes on the gun reciprocity! Imagine if your driver’s license wasn’t valid across state borders; that’s the plight of gun owners are experiencing now. Hope I’ll be able to carry in NYC by the time I graduate!

    1. Poor you says:

      @Poor you Boo, and may I add, hoo.

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