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Bwoglines: Looking Impressive Edition

Lord Berkeley’s Seat—”An impressive overhang indeed!”

After leading Columbia’s men’s soccer team to dual victories over the weekend, sophomore midfielder David Najem was named Ivy League men’s soccer player of the week. Columbia, at 23-0-0, is off to its best season start since 2002. (Big Apple Soccer)

Local eatery Crepes on Columbus was closed down for racking up an impressive 70 points in a NYC Department of Health inspection. To put that in perspective, 28 points is the threshold for serious health department scrutiny. (West Side Rag)

Petitioners are looking to name the stretch of 121st Street between Broadway and Amsterdam “George Carlin Way” after the famed late comedian who resided there for most of his childhood. Though Carlin himself probably would have preferred “Cocksucker Way.” (Village Voice)

And somehow, people are still in awe (and fear?) of NoCo’s impressive façade. (Complex)

The impressive plans for the new EC entrance have been put on hold. (Spec)

Treacherous seating via Wikimedia

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  • uh... says:

    @uh... Columbia Men’s Soccer is 3-0-0. They won last night, see Great journalism, Bwog.

  • hah says:

    @hah What a surprise, EC improvements put on hold.

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