Politically Correct Signage

Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer will appear at a Riverside Church symposium today to reevaluate the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, which has been accused of singling out minorities (NY Times)

At yesterday’s Senate plenary meeting, a SoA student senator tells everyone, that he “like[s] to smoke marijuana” (Spectrum)

The number of NYC public elementary and middle school students scoring low marks on the city’s annual report card increased by nearly 100% this year (NY Daily News)

In the face of the controversy surrounding Wal-Mart opening up centers in NYC, the company predicts that they will have to open 159 centers to harbor a successful market share and compete with NYC grocery markets (Gothamist)

Sean Penn played a very important role in the recent freeing of two American hikers trapped in Iran (NY Daily News)

The NYC Folk Art Museum has been saved from recent talks of being sold (NY Times)

56% of people think Barack Obama is worse, or just as bad as George W. Bush (NY Daily News)

Facebook fuels accusations of taking over the internet, as a new redesign will add movies and music to the social networking site (Washington Post)

            Sign via Wikimedia Commons