Like this, but it fits in your pocket

Several score and a couple of years ago, state conventions ratified the highly experimental United States Constitution. This revered document is responsible both for the framework of our government and stopping Arnold Schwarzenegger from running for president.

To commemorate this special day, you can pick up a free pocket version of the Constitution at the Offices of Government & Community Affairs, rooms 302, 308, & 309 Low Library, starting at noon today. Supplies are limited, so you better hurry. Then you can take a lil’ democracy with you everywhere you go. John Jay would be proud.

Also, if you suddenly have a hankering for handling history in Butler, head over to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library on the 6th floor, and check out John Jay’s original draft of Federalist Paper number 5.

James Madison’s proverbial offspring from Wikimedia Commons