We’ve all been rejoicing at the sight of green flags on the lawns outside Butler lately, but Bwog was much less pleasantly surprised to find a similar hue within the building. Water of a somewhat sickly shade was spotted in a fountain on the 5th floor last night. Not only that, but it appears there is a most misleading sign behind the basin. Keep your wits about you, and we gently suggest that you don’t drink the water.

We know what you're thinking, and it probably doesn't taste like Mountain Dew

In case you’re curious as to what the sign says, it reads:

“This water is most likely safe. If you have any concerns about contamination due to hydraulic fracturing, expose water to flame.”

Disclaimer: Bwog in no way endorses the use of unsupervised pyrotechnics in an effort to resolve any and all water discoloration issues.