Polls open today. You have till 5pm, September 21st to exercise your democratic duty. Remember to brush up on the many parties running for student office and take a look at how they fit into Columbia’s lovely bureaucracy. Results will be sent out by email and published online the evening of September 21st. Vote Here!

Update:In order to spare the candidates from punitive action by the Elections Board, we’ve removed their videos.

As per usual, this round of student elections has spawned its fair share of semi cringe-worthy videos and flyers. Here is a sample of memorable examples that have come our way:

Meet Justin Yang, CC 2013:

It might not be the next “EC, Heights, or Campo?,” but CC Crown put together this strangely hypnotic music video in which they promise to protect the College in face of the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences:

And at the other end of the spectrum of ambition…
Setting the bar for political greatness ever lower