Bwog caught a ball.

QuickTix runs alternate Wednesdays, and spreads word of the TIC. Own your student ID.

Tickets sold for on campus events this week: 819

Campus events on sale now:

  • MP3 Experiment: September 9th, 12 pm, Ancel Plaza, FREE, Tickets.
  • Lyrics from Lockdown: September 24th, 7 pm, Miller Theatre, $7 w/CUID, Tickets.

Tickets sold for off campus events this week: 2122

Off campus events on sale now:

  • NY Philharmonic Henry V: September 17th, 8 pm, $37.50, Tickets.
  • Yankees Game: September 2oth, 7:05 pm, $48.50, Tickets.
  • Rent: September 22nd, 8 pm, $50, Tickets.
  • Mets Game: September 23rd, 7:10 pm, $37, Tickets.

Not exactly Airbud via Wikimedia Commons.