A tradition of excellence

Columbia only truly excels at one sport–protesting. Not only are we good at it, but it’s probably our only event with more than a dozen spectators at any given time. And, boy, has this week has been a doozy… Below you can find links to our coverage in case you missed out on any of the flower-powered civil dissension.

Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York created a stir well beyond our gates. Not discouraged by the lack of a Columbia connection, students protested anyway. Sorta like batting practice.

The national level Hillel helped stage this pro-Israel presentation booth. Hardly a week goes by when pro-Israel or pro-Palestine people don’t have something urgent to tell you on College Walk…

The President of the Republic of Guinea apparently did some bad shit, and when he was here for the World Leaders Forum, so were about a dozen angry people.

A vigil was held by Columbia’s Black Students Organization, Amnesty International, College Democrats and the Barnard-Columbia International Socialist Organization for Troy Davis, a convicted cop-killer who was given the death penalty.

A Day of Unity was organized in support of Columbia University employees.

A lengthy protest has smoldered down on Wall Street all week. Along with many other people, a few Columbia students got arrested.

Piece of our history via Gothamist.