Think You’re Living the Suite Life?

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They know what it's like

If you think your living situation is far from ordinary, and you have a thirst for fame, you’re in luck. If you want to be featured on Bwog and then email us in a year when you’re looking for a job to ask us to remove your last name, you’re in better luck.

Bwog is looking for living situations we call “Powersuites.” If you live with notable campus characters, or you’re all involved in one organization, or you all knit clothes for each other out of old gym socks, or you are in a living situation that you think is worth us writing about, tell us.

Email [email protected] with the details on your Powersuite and why you think your suite deserves a spot in Powersuite history. It’ll give you something to tell your grand kids about one day.

The original Powersuite via Flickr/LunessaLife

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  1. secret ear-to-wall nighttime listener

    good idea. just wanna say, i have no hope for the stability in the youth of our generation anymore. does NOBODY believe in loyalty anymore? i mean, i understand that you're arent "really" tied to someone UNTIL you're engaged, but what about loyalty among suitemates?

    not sure if this counts as a 'suite'. im a guy who lives off campus with 4 other columbia undergrad males. all 5 of us are currently dating someone. it's been a month living with these guys and i can tell you what ive observed:

    Guy A secretly sleeps with Guy B's girlfriend. Guy C secretly makes out and sometimes gets blowjobs from Guy D's gf. Howdo Iknow? well, i dont always attend class - sometimes i sit in my room without much noise and they think im out :P

    anyways fuck our generation. what the fuck is wrong with you all? my girlfriend and i have been dating between 2-7 years already (not gonna be specific here as this is public). anyone else out there who feels that relationships take work and commitment, raise you hand!

    more info: 5 guys in our apt. 3 engineering, 2 cc. 2 atheletes. 4 white, 1 asian. you know who im atlking about now

  2. Anonymous  

    "notable campus characters....."

  3. Anonymous  

    should've featured the harmony suite from last year. tour de franzia.

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