On Amphibian Reproduction

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Overheard from Dr. Evelyn Hughes during a Frontiers of Science lecture today:

“Just because physicists don’t show videos of frogs doing it, that doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about it.”

We’ll follow suit and spare you, but while we’re on the subject, we may as well introduce you fresh batch of College folk to what is almost a rite of passage. The following video was composed and performed for a Frontiers of Science homework assignment by Reni Lane CC’10 who also went on to sign with major label Custard/Universal Motown.

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  1. Anonymous

    I wish I could say good things about the video. However, its so similar to the business school follies videos, and the sipa follies videos that followed suit. In all three cases, utterly formulaic and lame. Its the same formula for all three---google it.

  2. Anonymous  

    do you mean EMLYN Hughes?

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