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Shake 'em up, Shake 'em up, Shake 'em up, Shake 'em

Remember that CC alum and former SNL cast member, Jenny Slate, who voiced the adorable shell video which made the rounds last year? (“Guess what I use as a beanbag chair? A raisin.”) Well, she inked a deal for several children books and suggests that a TV series is in the works. Kids, you can make it too. (Jezebel)

Ever wanted a Taco Bell made with a cheesy, finger-staining Doritos shell? Keep dreaming, unless you commute from MidCal(?). Taco Ball is testing out this new stoners’ delight exclusively in Fresno. (LA Times)

Homecoming, the one football game of the year when anyone bothers to show up, will now be without the tailgating parking lot area. Sensitive to the booze requirements of fans, the administration will open up a second concession stand that hands out free beer to 21+ students. That’s a win in my book. (Spec)

If you don’t follow the wider world of college sports, then you may have missed it, but conference realignment has been shaking the foundations of the sports world for a month or so at this point. The originator of the massive, tectonic almost-revolution was the Big 12, but they seem to have gotten their shit together. This whole issue, of course, uniquely doesn’t affect us. (ESPN; Wiki)

This video of a woman hearing for the first time would flip Aristotle’s shit. That video is seriously so warm and fuzzy; it would melt Ice Cube. (Hot Air)

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  1. Anonymous  

    "make it to" what? o_o

  2. all caps all the time


  3. former californian  

    midcal is actually called norcal, because apparently socal is the shit and everything north of it is considered "north".

  4. forever californian  

    Fresno doesn't actually belong to SoCal or NorCal; it's just Fresno. It's right on the established borderline between the two halves and neither claims it.

  5. from Fresno area  

    Fresno is in the Central Valley. We think of it as a region on its own. SoCal, NorCal, Central Valley.

  6. remember

    when you call yourself an Ivy League student/grad with pride you should thank the football team. Without the football contests and eventual conference we would not have had our mutually beneficial associations that have made us a superpower institution. We'd likely be more like Rutgers or William and Mary, good but not great. The Ivy label is a powerful concept but it is based on a sports conference and the very people many of you say don't belong.

    I'm sure this will get down thumbs but its the truth.

    ps - the football team had no effect on my admission

    • Anonymous  

      while what you say is true, it doesn't make the games any better. Our sports teams suck. It's kinda painful to look through other peoples' albums on facebook of their huge football games and awesome tailgates.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody brags about going to the Ivy League because the football team rules, and nobody has any reason to do so.

      If our school hadn't been part of the Ivy League sports conference, and, as a result of not being associated with other prestigious schools back in the formative days, did not turn into the institution that it is today, I'm sure the students who now attend Columbia would be enrolled in different schools. And people would know that those other schools were good. So those CU kids who like bragging about being in the Ivy League could just brag about being admitted to said other schools.

  7. Anonymous

    I admit I don't know anything about this sort of stuff, but I have a question about the deaf girl. If she just heard for the first time, how could she understand what the woman was saying?

    • Anonymous

      My question exactly. Maybe she could read the lips of the other woman? Though I find that doubtful, since she was (understandably) wiping her eyes.

    • Anonymous  

      If you follow the HotAir article's link to the original Time Mag post there's a short quote from her in which she explains that she spent her entire life reading lips and had always had a passion for the English language. Maybe she just practiced a lot and was able to learn how to pronounce words correctly by watching others do it.

  8. Is homecoming

    free for alums?

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