An Iridescent Worm Wanders Through the Ruggles Windows

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A Ruggles resident, also responsible for last year’s inflatable tube man meets party streamer french fries, created another art installation. It kind of reminds us of an an iridescent worm or a rogue shower curtain. Maybe a wisp of pensieve escaping as our beloved dorm dies, while its windows trap its noble spirit to linger longer in its tragic former shell? Or not. What say you, Art Hummers?

Photos from Elyse DeWitt; Kaeding

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  1. for the record  

    this post is completely incomprehensible.

  2. what  

    I don't understand

  3. you might  

    enhance readability somewhat by amending the second sentence of the second paragraph: not a mistake to be BORNE, dearest.

  4. um...  

    before they revised this post (thank god), it was completely unintelligible. seriously, who wrote that?

  5. kay sorin  

    you crazy girl. but i like it.

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