Judge Rules One Operation Ivy League Defendant May Be Eligible for Diversion to Treatment

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According to Bloomberg News, Judge Michael Sonberg has denied the motion for a “diversion to treatment” for Operation Ivy League defendants Jose Stephan Perez and Michael Wymbs. However, Judge Sonberg ruled that fellow defendant Christopher Coles could be eligible for the program, given his self-reported addiction to marijuana. A fourth defendant, Adam Klein, is still waiting for a ruling on his eligibility for the program. The final Operation Ivy League defendant, Harrison David, was sentenced in August to six months (likely to be reduced to three-and-a-half for good behavior) in prison at Rikers Island. The remaining four are due back in court next month.



  1. Mike Wymbs

    COMON BrOSSSSSS, hang in there brooooooos we got this!!!!!!! YEAAAAAA!!

  2. awkward bro  

    addiction to marijuana? puh-lease

    • Do research  

      This happens. I went to rehab for it. Don't be so close-minded and do a little investigation first. Despite popular belief, marijuana is a drug, and as with any drug, can be abused.

  3. Anonymous

    Time for Bwog to institute a Gawker-like commenting system.

  4. Anonymous  

    Chris Coles is a good kid and I wish him the best.

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