Deantini: It’s Official

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A month ago, the Dean announced on Bwog that the winner of our nicknaming contest would win lunch with him, and a place at an unveiling ceremony bearing his new epithet. Yesterday, Columbia’s most powerful brand mogul, Ivan Duschatzky, SEAS ’13, joined Dean Valentini for Milano (chicken parm for Ivan, grilled chicken for the Dean). Bwog caught up with Ivan after the luncheon:

What were you thinking going into the lunch? Free food.

What was your impression of Deantini before/during/after? Frankly, I was pretty indifferent towards him initially, especially because I’m in SEAS. After meeting him, however, I realized he was a genuine, down-to-earth guy who really cares about the students and school. Sometimes I forget that there are faculty members here who want the best for us, and he seems sincerely invested in us. I left with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that I hope stays with me forever.

Will you be referring to him as Deantini from here on out? I will forever remember Deantini.

Any special moments? When Deantini told me he could not handle drinking Bwog’s own Deantini drink, I was surprised, since he looks like a real party animal.

Photography by Ravi Bhalla of the Columbia Photography Association

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  1. Those last three pictures  

    absolute gold.

  2. thats nice, deantini...

    now are you going to accept me for internal transfer into columbia college of not?

    age: 22
    sats: 770/800
    current gpa: 3.76
    school: General Studies

  3. Grecia  

    good for you, ivan

  4. Anonymous  

    Why are you posting this on Bwog?

  5. Luv u  

    He is sexy....and deantini is potent....got it...

  6. yessss  

    LOVE me some Deantini!

  7. Anonymous

    Awesome photos Ravi!

  8. Anonymous

    i think its hilarious that a seas student eventually won this contest.

  9. that SEAS kid....  

    is a douche. also, great pictures.

  10. Bee  

    Aww Ivan is actually really nice!

  11. Anonymous  

    Ivan you are a beast

  12. Anonymous  

    All administrators should be required to pose for their official portraits while eating a sandwich

  13. ivan  

    creeps on freshmen girls

  14. Sweaty Pie

    We shudda called him Dean Martin!


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