A Portrait of PrezBo as a Football Fan

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A tipster sent in this somewhat Monet-esque picture of the Man himself carb-ing up in the snack tent before the big game.

PrezBo gettin food

We're really hoping PrezBo goes for the body paint next year

UPDATE: Thanks to Kylie Rogers, also spotted was Ke$ho snacking on some popcorn while posing for pictures with students.

Some toothy lion grins. adorbs.

UPDATE: Mailing Wu snapped a picture of PrezBo posing with some students in a less impressionistic manner.

PrezBo doesn't look at cameras.

UPDATE: After a worthy fight full of game changers and moments that had us on the edges of our seats, the Columbia Lions lost 20-27 to the Penn Quakers. Don’t let that put a damper on your night though! In the wise words of Michael Jordan, “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game”.

PrezBo: finally bringing some win to the football field

Spreading the celebratory spirit

UPDATE: More pics of meh PrezBo.


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  1. oh

    I $ee Kev$ho is networking...

  2. asian chick near kevsho

    i'd hit.

  3. Anonymous  

    prezbo's a full on monet

  4. Football Team lost again?  

    Maybe now that they are 0-5 they won't walk around campus like they are the shit

  5. why

    aren't they making those peace signs

  6. Anonymous  

    Its hard to have fun and enjoy the game when the team does everything in its power to NOT win a football game.

  7. Lonely Girl  

    The two boys next to PrezBo are cute!

  8. Anonymous  

    what's the point of hating on the football team? i honestly think it sucks that the team is consistently being hated upon. even if they attempted to improve themselves, no one would ever give them the benefit of the doubt. c'mon think about it, with zero people giving you any kind of support in what you're doing, it's hard to change.

    • change must come  

      from within. no one is going to cheer them to victory unless they prove they're worth cheering for - that's the reality of the situation, whether or not you like it. Right now it's just a waste of funding and time and energy and THEY have to be the ones to change it - not me. I wasn't recruited here to perform.

      • actually

        the football team brings in millions in alumni donations and homecoming is one of the few events that brings alumni back. CU was tied with the two time defending Ivy Champs in the final minute in front of a homecoming crowd. If that isn't a time to cheer on the team then I don't know what is.

    • Don't worry, BRO  

      The waaaambulance is on its way.

  9. bon vivant

    I enjoyed the game, thought it was a tough break, and think that he football team might enjoy more support, if only the CU population was less rife with feminized eunuchs....

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