A tipster sent in this somewhat Monet-esque picture of the Man himself carb-ing up in the snack tent before the big game.

PrezBo gettin food

We're really hoping PrezBo goes for the body paint next year

UPDATE: Thanks to Kylie Rogers, also spotted was Ke$ho snacking on some popcorn while posing for pictures with students.

Some toothy lion grins. adorbs.

UPDATE: Mailing Wu snapped a picture of PrezBo posing with some students in a less impressionistic manner.

PrezBo doesn't look at cameras.

UPDATE: After a worthy fight full of game changers and moments that had us on the edges of our seats, the Columbia Lions lost 20-27 to the Penn Quakers. Don’t let that put a damper on your night though! In the wise words of Michael Jordan, “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game”.

PrezBo: finally bringing some win to the football field

Spreading the celebratory spirit

UPDATE: More pics of meh PrezBo.