Boringside Heights: Kafkaesque Edition

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With Hallow’s Eve quickly approaching, campus is starting to spiral further and further into the likes of a Tim Burton movie.

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  1. White Castle

    It's such a messed up name, when you think about it. There is actually a lot to not like about it when you consider it. I know i'm pretty caucasian but it's somewhat morally dubious to have an institution with a name like that in an era when we are supposed to have transcended all such notions. why in the world would it still be kept? what do you people say? one of the good things about columbia is how we are all very brainy, so i expect some major support. we gotta fight political incorrectness with political correctitude! this era is slipping into relativistic morality, which has its pros and cons, but mostly cons. it legitimizes things that are not legitimate, if you really think about it. so same with white castle, it's got pros and cons. in a sense it appears to be reflective of the white house, but only with burgers inside. but do we know what a burger is? burghers have been oppressed, if we think of city residents. so think of the subliminal message that could be boiling under the name. WHITE CASTLE BURGHERS in a VENDING machine. in other words, the soul has been "so(u)ld". this is capitalist hypertext, leading us from one part of a vicious cycle onto another. the invisibility of all this proves that we have been brainwashed in this era. things are not in good shape, my friends. if anything, we are out of shape. Burgers contribute to that like you have no idea. The cheese, meat, bread...expresses our lowest instincts and releases the suppression that we hold ourselves to when not partaking. I think something like that is a tenable hypothesis. It's pretty sick and well-expressed by the statue there! its no wall street bull, but rather something like a sheep, because we are part of a herd. and the bottle, fruit, and acorn represent the way we are connected to the primal, that is, the animal. please i am so sorry this is so long and i know my interpretations might be really original, but im pretty hopeful i would have a shot at a phd program here. so think of this as my tryout! :) and yeah i do recognize that a revolution must be started, but not by occupying wall street, but by breaking the walls of silence that lead to the life we see on the street. thanks my brethren.. without brethren you cannot live. just like without breath you cannot. maybe there is a link between the words. You tell me !

  2. Anonymous  

    When I head "kafkaesqeu" I think of Annie Hall

  3. whups

    i may have messed up a sentence there! the one about the statue...sorry for any misunderstanding.

  4. Anonymous

    why is the top floor of lewisohn closed? i spent many nights studying up there. usually an empty seminar room at the top of the stairs.

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