1. Vengaboys?  

    Or Vaginaboys?

  2. uh oh

    her womb is pregnant with an escalator!! the elevator's husband is gonna be pissed

  3. wow

    this is wrong on so many 'levels' :P

  4. Engineer  

    E = MC Vagina

  5. Allie  

    i'm digging the Vandenburg references

  6. attention barnard students  

    the vag is now in mudd.

  7. Anonymous  

    Muddy vag. Hanh.

    Also, my ReCaptcha had Hindi in it. Not fair at all.

    • Anonymous

      "reCAPTCHA is a system that digitizes the text of books while protecting websites from bots attempting to access restricted areas. reCAPTCHA is currently digitizing the archives of The New York Times and books from Google Books."

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