Ground Breaks for Campbell Sports Center

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If you went to last weekend’s homecoming game, then you probably recall all the construction happening near the soccer fields at the Baker Athletic Complex. Following this week’s groundbreaking ceremony, construction is officially underway on the new 48,000-square-foot sports facility. Situated near the corner of 218th and Broadway, the center will house indoor training spaces, offices, lounges, a hospitality suite and an auditorium. It will rise to a grand height of five stories, which will put it above the adjacent 1 train platform. The chief architect overseeing the project is none other than Steven Holl, the NYC-based designer who construced Time Magazine’s Best New Architectural Marvel in 2001. Construction is expected to last 18 months, but we know some underclassmen that are already excited for a tour.

The blog Inhabitat New York City spoke to the architectural firm about some of the specific features of the new facility. Here is an excerpt from their take on the fancy (and fanciful?) design:

The materials used for the building are raw and strong like its university athletes. The exterior will reveal exposed concrete and steel as well as marine aluminum, an element known for being low in maintenance but high in strength. Rain screen cladding will keep the building’s interior temperature mild throughout all seasons by reducing moisture infiltration during the wetter seasons. Curtain walling is another innovative technique that will be implemented by Holl. It uses light and cheap materials such as glass and steel to capture and transfer harsh winds away from the building. With this combination, students can work out, practice, and study without being bothered by the elements. And what is a university building without a little school spirit? Each terrace is illuminated at night with “Columbia Blue” beams shining from the overhangs.

Top image courtesy of Steven Holl Architects

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  1. Anonymous  

    Prezbo don't do no shoveling. One hand on the shovel is all you get and you're lucky to get that.

  2. Twitch

    Another Columbia sports complex 100 miles away from campus? And it's almost a shock we don't use them.

  3. Anonymous

    Twitch, it's for athletes only. Dont worry bud you won't get to use it anyway

  4. anon

    Its less than five miles away, a few stops on one subway. Probably closer than most of the other ivies sports facilities. This will take a lot of pressure off Dodge and open up more time and space. This is a good thing. Thank Mr Campbell.

    • UHhhhhhh

      This is a sick joke right? Have you been to any other school? other coaches use how far away our facilities as a reason not to attend Columbia when they're recruiting you. EVERY OTHER SCHOOL'S FACILITIES ARE CLOSER.

      Just didn't want to let the ignorance fly.

      • Anonymous

        Obviously you, and other coaches, haven't been to Stanford or other reputable sports campuses where athletic facilities are miles and miles and campuses away.

      • UHhhhhhh

        We're in New York City. I would go into the details of land scarcity and high real estate costs, but I really don't think anyone needs to be schooled on why we can't put a football field in Morningside Heights.

        Just didn't want to let the ignorance fly.

  5. Anonymous

    Who the hell is going to go all the way to 218 street? I didn't even know Manhattan went up to that many streets

    • Anonymous

      Who the hell is going to go all the way to Union Square? I didn't even know there was anything else in this city but Columbia and the Upper West Side.

      • Anonymous

        Good answer. It is mostly for the athletes and coaches who are already up there and for special events and entertaining during sports events.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, well.

          I used to live "all the way" up there. I may not have liked it, but I still take offense to this implication that it's "100 miles away"; it's actually only 10 stops on the 1, with no transfers...that's equivalent to a ride to Times Square.

  6. Anonymous  

    Please tell me this means Dodge will have more resources for non-athletes. I don't care THAT much about our athletic facilities, but they honestly suck. It's kinda surprising that they get away with such low quality on a campus full of young people who need to work out.

  7. not quite

    Ground broke in May. The ceremony last week was purely that… ceremonial. The construction has been ongoing for five months.

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