Boringside Heights: You Do the Math Edition

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This week, it’s all about the subtleties of Columbia architecture. Can you tell the differences in the photos below?

Update: Further architectural curiosities abound! A tipster has sent us the photo below, showing a new “little blue bird creature” nestled between a few objects on the ever-growing 114th median sculpture. Curious in that it was added after the fact; curious in that the sculpture there now seems to differ so much from the original design. Maybe this little guy is surfin’ all up and down the UWS: it appears his home is at 72nd Street.

Hi is this my home

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  1. Anonymous  

    What you talkin' about Willis?

  2. Anonymous

    One is of Havermeyer and the other is of Math.

  3. Anonymous  

    Lampost tops?

  4. The first one has pillars that are ALMOST  

    as big as my endowment.

    The other one's math - and no one likes math on a Saturday, Bwog.

  5. Anonymous  

    ones got a creepy mothafucka in the window

  6. Anonymous  

    In each picture the left lamp post is missing a top.

  7. C'mon Bwog

    The little Lego looking guy and this bird thing were always part of that new meridian sculpture. Your Bwog staff was just too lazy to take notice of them originally. I looked at the sculpture the day after it was installed and noticed these features since day one.

  8. Anonymous

    ones got a dude smelling his armpit

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