You’re Not Really Studying Anyways

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It's staring back.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’re done with midterms.  More likely, you’re reading this because you’re trying to avoid eye contact with all that reading that you told yourself you were going to get caught up on weeks ago.  Either way, there’s no better way to escape their disapproving gaze than heading to this week’s Bwog meeting. Yes, there will be free food, so come to the Lerner SGO at 7 pm and finally give yourself a legitimate excuse for failing to rectify your procrastinating ways.

Victims of neglect via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. [email protected]

    Re: headline.

    I know. I hate myself for it. :(

  2. Anonymous  

    When you gaze into your reading, your reading also gazes back into you

  3. GrammarNazi

    "Anyways" is not a word, bwog. Get it together.

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