FroSci Gets Frisky

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A tipster noticed the following provocative midterm practice question:

What's the frequency of a great tit?

Because, you know, as the sole creatures in the world that emit sound, the Blue Tit and the Great Tit are the only two animals that could haven beeen used for this question. Nice try, FroSci.

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  1. 5-year-old senior


  2. Anonymous

    Looking at the wiki page for the Great Tit linked above I found this gem under the section titled "Relationship with Humans": 'The Great Tit is a popular garden bird due to its acrobatic performances when feeding on nuts or seed. ' Awesome.

  3. Hmmm  

    they used that question last year... i remember laughing then realizing that i'd wasted valuable time chuckling and rushed to finish because every minute of that exam is used

  4. CC '14  

    This was our midterm and when my discussion leader handed them back she said, "I was surprised no one in the room laughed, looks like you're all more mature than me." or something to that effect.

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