Shots Heard in Morningside Park

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Last night we received the following tip from a concerned student:

Today, a friend and I (both Barnard students), were strolling in Morningside Park at 6h00pm. We heard three shots fired. It was followed by a bunch of guys yelling and we saw a group of guys run away. We weren’t in the exact vicinity but it took place closer to Manhattan ave. Two minutes later, a bunch of police and ambulance arrived. I have no idea if someone did or did not get hurt.

Bwog confirmed with Public Safety that only one shot was fired, no one was hurt, and no motive was established. One suspect has been arrested in relation to the shooting.

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  1. enufff  

    okay bwog,

    stop trying to scare us! (at least with the bikes and the mugging, we got those same emails also...).
    we get it, NYC isn't our hometown...

  2. Every

    Wien resident has heard those at least once.

  3. Anonymous

    you must be a freshman

  4. Anonymous  

    if you see something say something

  5. Anonymous

    if you smell something, it's probably infected.

  6. Shocked

    Shots fired? In Morningside Park!?!?!? Perish the thought.

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