More Costumes: Elites, Revolutionaries and Other Hooligans

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Hailing from round the map and all along the wealth spectrum, our contestants from Argentina, Wall Street and the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros bring you another mixed bag of costumes. Keep sending ’em in. Results are later this evening!

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  1. Lonely Island Fan  

    Sorry to be annoying, but it's Andy Samberg! SNL love.

  2. timmy  

    is an average kid who no one understands

  3. Anonymous  

    does Bwog pick and choose which costume entries to post?

  4. the  

    fairly odd parents are cute!!! and i've gotta say the 1% have got some swag to them

  5. Motherlover

    Eric and Harry ftw

  6. Anonymous  

    Cosmo and Wanda, all the way.

  7. Anonymous

    1% great idea!! love it :) haha

  8. Anonymous  

    Oh my god Eric Chen you sexy beast

  9. Hillary Kritt

    is the sexiest pink-haired fairy I've ever seen.

  10. Anonymous

    wall street! got to love political irony.

  11. Anonymous  

    Dick in a Box wins.

  12. Anonymous  

    fairly oddparents! so good!

  13. JTS

    Is all over the costumes this year!

  14. Anonymous  

    Dick in a box ftw.

  15. Anonymous  

    omg Eric Chen yesssss

  16. Anonymous  

    That's Ben Bromberg Gaber as the 1%, not Joshua Ackerman!!!
    Love it.

  17. mom and dad

    and vicky always giving him demands (BED, TWERP!)

  18. Anonymous

    Winter is coming.

  19. 207partygirl

    the 1%!!! a great representation of NYC. and don't those boys look classy ! (also ironic on halloween)

  20. Anonymous  

    Che Guevara was a murderer. Dylan Lonergan should be disgusted with himself.

  21. wall street lover

    1% all the way

  22. Anonymous

    1% ftw!!! yeah baby :)

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