Does this hyperambitious SAT beasting, global citizen remind you of… you? At the very least, it probably sounds like one of your suitemates and the guy you’re sitting next to in class right now, too. You are all participating in aggressive intellectual capital hoarding, FYI. (NYT)

Now that doesn’t mean we don’t understand it was a rough ride to your ivy-covered single—these guys share your woes… and it won’t stop you from applying to one of these places for a job. (NY Mag)

If today’s Bwoglines been an unnerving reminder of your struggles, project your feelings onto a cloud to figure out how you feel about it. That can mean a number of things. (The Atlantic)

Alternatively, deflect. Arrested Development’s coming back with new episodes! And rest easy, the delay in rolling out those new episodes isn’t Michael Cera’s fault—Arrested Development tolerates no divas. (BlackBook, NYT, New Yorker)

Unwarrented flashback to CC via Wikimedia.