It will be difficult to reform this gelatinous mess into one gelatinous brick

Sarah Palin officially announced she will not be running for president but still has plans to ride around in her tricked out bus. (WashingtonPost)

The Occupy Wall Street protests are spreading; similar protests have sprung up in DC, Boston, LA, ChicagoIowaSalt Lake CityConnecticutPhiladelphia, and Cleveland. (WashingtonPost, The Daily Iowan, The Salt Lake Tribune, North Branford Patch, Fox, NBC)

After a helicopter spiraled out of control and crashed into the East River, New York officials are reviewing helicopter traffic laws. Hopefully they make one against spiraling out of control and crashing into the East River. (ABC, CBS)

Columbia Medical school professor, Dr. Goluboff, allegedly committed fraud against Medicare “by overbilling and by billing for unneeded tests.” (Chronicle of Higher Education)