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Like this bull, many students have questions about Financial Aid

Maren Killackey and Sarah Ngu report in on CCSC’s doings

Student Services Rep Karishma Habbu continues her mission to better the College’s financial aid advising system. She will be meeting with a financial aid office rep this week to discuss a two-tiered approach to tackling the issue: one involving student feedback and the other student education. The latter could entail the creation of a FAQ page to answer such questions as, “Who decides how much people get and where are they trained?” Because there is some information the Undergraduate OFA can’t (won’t?) share, what “basic” actually means will mostly be up to them. If you’re interested, you can e-mail Karishma specific questions you would like her to ask Dean Schaffler.

A lot of the meeting was spent addressing a bias incident at Homecoming involving a few students wearing an offensive Native American headdress. The issue sparked debates regarding what exactly the Council’s position should be in situations of bias, whether there should be disciplinary action taken against those who violate Community Principles non-violently, and yes, how effective Under1Roof really is.

USenator Kenny Durrell reported that he had spoken with VP of CUIT Candace Flemming, and reportedly CUIT is close to signing a contract with Google that would put CubMail on the Gmail system. Great, right? Unfortunately, Gmail has a bit of a compliance issue with the Americans with Disabilities Act they still have to work through before the University will commit.

Despite some hemming and hawing over the TEDxColumbia proposed budget, the Council decided to give the event the full $1,000 requested.

Stuff This Week:

For freshmen especially: On Tuesday from 6-8 pm the Council will host a WTF (What to Fix) event in John Jay to solicit input about… well, what to fix. Questions? Complaints? Head on over to JJ tonight and let your CCSC representatives know about issues you think should be addressed.

Friday, October 28 there will be a LitHum themed Haunted House in Lerner Party Space featuring the likes of Medea, Clytemnestra, and just about any other bloodthirsty citizen of the Ancient world. What could be scarier than being reminded how much reading you already forgot?

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