The line at the package center earlier today

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

  • The Mudd Engineering Library is slated to be closed and replaced with classrooms. Volumes stored in the Mudd library will be relocated to the library in NoCo. It is unclear when this transition will occur.
  • VP Policy Logan Donovan explained that the 3rd party vendor that provides mail/package services (IKON) is set to be renewed this year. All the vendors bidding for the position will be asked how they will address the long lines, the long delays between package delivery and student availability, and how they will resolve the split package pickup between Carman and Lerner.
  • Logan also reported that the mail services contract is actually a secondary part of a larger on-campus contract–IKON also provides printer and copier leases on campus. Historically, IKON usually focuses their efforts on that contract, and thus does not put as much effort into fighting for the mail contract.
  • Senator Tim Qin reported that senators from all schools are working on getting course evaluations available to students. Some past SEAS class evaluations are available through The proposal would create a similar system for all classes in all schools.
  • President Levick has been speaking with Dean Peña-Mora about how to make Mudd’s Carlton Lounge a more appealing study space. Council members proposed getting less wobbly furniture and increasing the amount of space left open after the attached cafeteria closes.

Update: Bwog received the following statement from engineering librarian Danianne Mizzy:
This information is incorrect and there are no plans to close the Monell Engineering Library.

Photo tipped by WMC