Earlier this week we published the official petition signed by over 350 professors in support of Occupy Wall Street. At least some of those signees have already joined the demonstrations downtown. Tomorrow another professor, Jeffrey Sachs, will meet with students to discuss some of the issues protesters have raised such as unemployment, economic justice and the rise of inequality in America. The event is tomorrow at 11 AM in the Lerner Satow Room (CUID required). This is the first time a Columbia professor has hosted a student forum on Occupy Wall Street, so come well-prepared to air your grievances.

Then, in case one helping of JSachs isn’t satisfying enough, he wants you to accompany him (by subway, we hope!) to Zucotti Park early tomorrow afternoon. Sachs will address protestors in a brief speech before inviting others to join in an open air discussion. Bring your revolutionary grit, and don’t forget your picket signage!