The new issue of The Blue and White will be out in print on campus very soon. Until that glorious day arrives, tide yourself over with a preview of the juicy gossip that awaits you. 

Unconventional walk of shame

Guy walks into class maybe 5 minutes before it starts. Maybe half the people are there, and it’s over at Barnard, so they’re mostly women. He whips out a laptop that looks like it’s from 1999 or something, very bulky. He opens the laptop, and after a few seconds, moans and slapping sounds start blaring from the speakers. Everyone has their best WTF face on. He slams the screen shut, but because it’s an old laptop, the video and sound just keeps going. He just grabs all of his shit and flees the room—laptop, now muffled, still playing porn.

Statue who has not seen “Contagion” via flickr