A pixelated version of the poster in question

For the second year in a row, Columbia all-male a cappella group the Kingsmen has sparked controversy around campus with a provocative flyer campaign. Last year’s debacle featured a photo of a Kingsman himself with the text, “Rape me” and was followed up with an apology from the singing group—they had learned their lesson, it appeared.

Flyers that have recently appeared around campus call the sincerity of that apology into question. Another round of offensive advertising, very much following last year’s theme of rape, suggests that rather than take the negative press and condemnations to heart, the Kingsmen are more interested in leveraging them to attract attention.

Tonight, students plan to protest the Kingsmen’s latest oeuvre, a flyer promoting a Fall concert (which has since been cancelled, according to the protesters’ Facebook event) displaying a photo of a priest and the text, “Eleven singing boys, you say?”  The protest is scheduled for 8 pm tonight on the steps of Low, where the concert was originally scheduled to take place.

According to the most recent discussion on the protest page, the event has purportedly been moved to Sigma Chi. The protest appears to have been abandoned in favor of a discussion that will be held at 4:30 in the IRC center, but these plans could be subject to change.

The Kingsmen did not respond to a request for comments.