A feast fit for a founder

Most people like to eat. Most people do not like to spend money, hence our free food tips. A great lover of free food has been revealed to us and now reports regularly on the quality, quantity, and pizazz of free food events around campus. Read on as The Scrounger treks across Broadway to Lehman Lawn to get a taste of Barnard’s Founder’s Day Barbecue.

The smell of a grill permeated the western side of Broadway this afternoon during Barnard’s Founder’s Day nosh-fest. As far as college spirit events go, this was geniunely one of the best I’ve been to. Contrary to reports, a CUID swipe was more than enough to get this free food aficionado into the event. The organizers set up nice tables on the lawns with balloons and tablecloths to ensure that there was more than enough seating for all. Most importantly, there was tons and tons of food, and with serving stations set up all around the lawn ,the event organizers managed to sidestep the pitfalls of forming one gargantuan line. The whole barbecue lasted more than 2 hours and people seemed to be really enjoying it.  The event didn’t at all feel rushed and certainly wasn’t a “Come in get food, okay we have to clean up and leave now” occasion. It helped that the weather was perfect and that even the magnolia tree had decorations! All in all, a very well organized event.

The Scorecard:

Quality 3.7 Standard campus BBQ affair. The hot dog was not skimpy, the veggie burger was equal to John Jay’s finest and the chicken had a sweet marinade that pierced your tastebuds just as the bright sunshine pierced your eyes after staying inside to cram for “midterms”/that first paper of the semester.
Volume 4.8 There was plenty of food to go around and multiple long tables with the spread allowing for quick accumulation of goods. Standard BBQ affair but what was impressive was the variety: hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, turkey burgers, chicken, beans, pasta salad, corn on the cobb, watermelon, and cake: vanilla and chocolate. Quite a lot to choose from. And let’s not forget the (a bit sad looking) lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle condiments. A kosher table was also present.
Amenities 4.0 Eco forks and knives, and “compostable” plates gave this event a great ambiance.
Take Out 4.5 Absolutely possible to take your food and go study for a midterm. Possible but potentially awkward to tup, with many staff around the event.
Décor 4.3 Balloons, tables, chairs the outside location and bright sunshine combined to create a cheerful ambiance.