Don't let midterms leave you with a prickly virus.

Bwog’s resident SGA’er Reneé Kraiem reports not-quite-live-but-chronologically-close from last night’s meeting where talk of liquor and the new enrollment policy ensued.

  • The Council established a task force to respond to student concern regarding the new enrollment policy. They have plans to improve the channels for students to voice their opinions about the announcement and communicate them effectively to AHinks and the administration. SGA is a “legitimate way to funnel communication” to the administration and utilize assure that it will be productive, contended one council member. SGA encourages students to email Dean Hinkson directly or speak to a class dean, or advisor, in order to make their opinions known; otherwise, says PrezBla, the Administration will underestimate the magnitude of the policy change’s effect on the student body.
  • The administrative guest last night was the charmingly British Brenda Slade, Barnard’s Duchess of Health Services. After declining PrezBla’s pizza offer, Slade spoke elegantly about the mission of Health Services. She primarily championed the importance of daily necessities, which, she insists, are those that often get “jettisoned” during times like midterms. Whatever you’re doing with your time is not as important as obtaining sleep, adequate nutrition, and exercise—not just walking up the stairs to the second floor dining room at the Diana. “I think health promoters and health educators have always tried to concentrate on helping people build up good coping mechanisms because we don’t seem to be able to do much about is the world in general,” said Slade. “In my next lifetime I’m going to sort out the government.” We can only hope so.
  • Slade also addressed last spring’s survey of the student body that emphasized the coping mechanisms that Barnard students use to deal with stress. Though the results are still being tabulated, it appears that Barnard women are, in fact, stressed.

  • Slade is available for constant office hours, she says, and if you’re interested you should get in line behind all of Rep Council.
  • Last week was apparently “alcohol awareness week.” It is safe to conclude that Barnard students were acutely aware of alcohol last week.
  • This semester’s town hall meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 28th, in the James Room from 6-8 PM. Again, SGA really wants you to come, since the topic of discussion is the reinvention of the Diana Center.
  • The Sophomore Class Council will be hosting a “Meet Your Majors” event on November 17th, co-sponsored by McAC in the Sulzberger Tower from 6:30-8 PM. Sophomores will be able to speak with upperclass(wo)men and department representatives.

Colorful representation of a sucky situation via Wikimedia Commons.